October 2012 we stopped the free blog-service on Weblogs.FM. All blogs are successfull moved to other services like WordPress.com. We start a new service in cooperation with Jamedo websites from the Netherlands.

Weblogs.FM offers services to build your online reputation. We help you to build your personal brand by merging and integrating your content and knowledge. As you should know Google connects personal profiles with online content since may 2012. They called it Google Authorship. Your Authorship will be an important part of the search-engine ranking of your site and other content (Authorrank) now.

Also companies like ShareThis.com predict the new ways of ranking. ShareThis.com introduced the Social Quality Index (SQI). SQI measures the social quality of a website against the ShareThis Publisher Network.

Weblogs.FM can advice and help you to setup a blog like bassjobsen.weblogs.fm or a company community website like Webvrouw.nl. So we help you to turn your knowledge into a personal brand. Not only companies use our service. Our service can be used by CEOs, knowledge workers, politicans, bloggers, sportsmen, etc. VIPs and other people with high social impact in real life will need the same authority and reputation online.

People who start building on their online reputation now will have more influences tomorrow.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us on info@weblogs.fm